eatmybeat release ‘Bonus Snacks Vol 2’


After the successful release of Hypho’s ‘Gong Tau’ EP, London based collective eatmybeat release their second compilation.

It’s been 8 months since eatmybeat’s first ‘Bonus Snacks’ compilation, and since then they’ve been very busy.

With their own radio show on Loco Ldn,  consistent guestmixes on their Soundcloud, an event that is getting bigger with each party and, of course, now being a fully fledged label, we’re surprised they’ve managed to have time to put together a second instalment in their free download series, let alone one so big.

‘Bonus Snacks Vol 2′ is a 21 track release, with the music being provided by the emb guys’ favourite producers. There’s really something for everyone, spanning a whole host of genres, from thoughtful atmospheric pieces to full on Acid jams. However, what’s most notable to us is the amount of Bass music.

If you were a fan of Hypho’s ‘Gong Tau’ release on emb, then this compilation is for you. Intelligent, immaculately produced sub  work-outs make up the bulk of the release, with a real emphasis on the creation of space with clever panning, echoes and reverb. No two tracks sound the same though, with influences of UK Funky, Dubstep, Garage, Breaks, Trap and even Reggae all very apparent.

In all, it’s a slick a release, highlighting a whole host of different styles and shows that the eatmybeat gang are open to anything, as long as it fully commits to itself – in their terms, as long as its ‘strictly full fat’.

You can stream all 21 tracks from eatmybeat – ‘Bonus Snacks Vol 2’ below, and download it for free via the emb bandcamp page here.

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DJ EZ uploads 2nd instalments in his NS/OS series


The legendary UK Garage DJ has followed up the first OS and NS mixes with a second edition each, totalling over 2 and a half hours of music.

It’s been a whole year since DJ EZ’s last NS/OS mixes, and now the quick firing cue button maestro has treated us to a new mix for each series.

Recorded in November, ‘New Skool Version 2’ effectively draws a line under UK Garage and Bass music from 2016, with EZ picking his favourite cuts from the year, covering smaller artists and those who are well established.

‘Old Skool Version 2’ is a collection of tunes that weren’t necessarily featured in the first mix and, like Version 1,  is perfect listening material for anyone feeling nostalgic about the UK Garage glory days.

You can stream both mixes below, and make sure you head to DJ EZ’s website here for those all important tracklists.

DJ EZ – NS V2:


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Sunday Selection: Too Bad DJs – ‘IN THE MIX Volume Seventeen’


More garage and good vibes to help you make it through Sunday, this week from Too Bad DJs.

Continuing our theme of helping your hangovers and Sunday despair with a healthy dose of UK Garage, this week we’ve picked out Too Bad DJs’ latest addition to their ‘IN THE MIX’ series.

At just over 40 minutes long and putting on show some of the finest new UK Garage, Paul-e and CK start with their newest collaboration with Thief in the Night and work their way through the freshest vibers and rollers, and a fair amount of hefty basslines.

Stream Too Bad DJs – IN THE MIX Volume Seventeen below, and click ‘More’ to download:

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Behind The Scene: Project Allout Records


Our brand new interview series ‘Behind The Scene’ is dedicated to finding out more about the platforms at the forefront of the UK Bass scene and how they got there.

If you’ve played or listened to a set centred around bass music or been to a bass event in the last 6 years, it’s more than likely you’ve heard a track released on Project Allout Records, aka PAR. Releasing music across the bass spectrum, they consistently deliver a combination of hard hitting, high quality music.

PAR have released tracks from some of the hottest names in garage, grime, bass and bassline, including the likes of Notion, Moony, Dubzta, Tuff Culture and Deadbeat. Not content with relying on the established names, Project Allout also put out a steady stream of content from up and coming producers.

Having been such a mainstay in the scene for 6 years we caught up with PAR label head Skillz to get an insight in to their success:

You’ve told the story behind the creation of PAR before but for those that didn’t already know, remind us briefly?

Basically me and a friend set up PAR in 2011 with the aim to push Sheffield based artists out independently to the Grime and Bass scene and get them the recognition they deserved.

What was it that made you change up from releasing zippy’s full of tunes to becoming a fully fledged label? Was becoming a genuine label always the aim?

The aim was always to become a independent label, we just didn’t realise how far we would get with it. We knew we needed to go Allout, so thats why we gave away massive zips at the start; to build our label and our artist’s profiles. I can see that’s what’s got us to where we are now though.

 Did you ever have worries that with such a broad sonic output, people wouldn’t get what you were trying to do?

My perspective at that time was that people love free downloads and if the quality is 10/10, they will see what our aim is. Like I say, we started just pushing Sheffield based artists first. That was the PROJECT and with that we were going to go ALLOUT.

Do you have any advice for anyone in the process of starting up a label?

My advice would be to take your time. Explore all avenues, make sure you are good at networking and make time for all your artists. Ive made a lot of new friends in this game and at PAR its more of a family. We all push the label together. #PARGANG

You’ve released music from artists who are now major influences in the scene. In a previous interview you said you handpick the talent, so what’s your process like now?

Well a lot has changed from when we first started. A lot of music is still handpicked but the PAR email receives around 50 submissions a week and we’re lucky to be in contact with so many aspiring producers who want to work with us. There’s also producers I want on the label and most of the time I just message them via their email or Twitter and be straight to the point; tell them I want to work on a EP with them for PAR. A lot of producers who already release with us also refer their mates who produce. Like I said, it’s a big family here

If an upcoming producer wants to release on PAR, what are 3 things they can do to do to catch your eye?

  • Have a good attitude; we don’t work with rude people.
  • Make sure the music is exclusive! I want to be the only person who as heard it and I hate when a producer sends 10 labels a submission. If I find out that has happened you can count me out.
  •   Finally: make Lengerz!

Speaking of eye catching, the cover art for your releases are always sick! Is there always an idea in your head of what you want or do you let the designer do their own thing?

 Thanks. I always ask the producer what they want and we work from there. If they haven’t got a clue I let our designer go wild. All of our art is done by Danny G Designs, he’s an absolute boss!

You’ve got a few different series of compilations, including ‘Lengerz’ and ‘Krampus’. How did you come up with those titles?

‘Krampus’ was a Christmas Free Download so I was searching Google for Christmas themes and found the Krampus. It’s a  Christmas demon and I found it reflected well with the label.

‘Lengerz’ is a term that me and Dr Cryptic have always said from since we started doing music 15 or so years ago. I’ve always had plans to do a release called ‘Lengerz’ but I wanted the right tunes on that EP

Your compilations are always massive, not only in quality but also in quantity. How long does the process take? 

Thanks. It can take up to a year. I knew I wanted to do a ‘Lengerz Volume 2’, so straight after the release of Volume 1 we got to work. That did take a year, but I think it depends on what quality you want. I always aim for 10/10.

If you could release music from anyone, who would it be and why?

I’m going to give you 2 answers:

Firstly, I would love to release a Wiley 4 track Grime instrumental EP. The guy is The Godfather of Grime and I’d love to see how his mind works!

I’d also love to release a Todd Edwards Garage EP. I grew up listening to Todd Edwards and his production is so unusual that the kids of today would be amazed.

 How do you feel about bass music right now? Is it in a better place than it was when you started back in 2011?

The scene is in a solid place at the moment. You have the new guys like Darkzy, Skepsis, Dr Cryptic, Tuff Culture and Mr Dubz all smashing it in their own way, and they’re all so different sounding. Then you’ve also got some of the legends like DJ EJ still leading the way. Its only gonna get better!

What do you think the next major step for the scene will be?

Well with the revival of Bassline, I think this time around the Bass scene will take the step into the mainstream. It only takes that one producer to make a big tune like ‘Heartbroken’ and it opens loads of avenues for a lot of people. I think there’s more people pushing together now and not as much a divide in the scene as there was back then.

 Finally, what’s coming up for you and PAR? 

 Well, there will be a lot more releases this year; we’re 3 releases deep already. There’s gonna be more compilations too! Lookout for ‘PAR Meets Deeprot Volume 2’, that will be going out for free in Feb / March. Also, there’ll be more PAR Takeovers, and we’re merging with another established label so yeah,lots happening!

Listen to Project Allout Records’ latest release from P Jam below:

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 21st – 27th Jan


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Vital Techniques ft MC PEAN – Spin The Dubplate (Hypho Remix) [Second To None Music]

Hypho continues to turn out quality music, and this remix of ‘Spin The Dubplate’ is no different. Coming like slowed down Trap, mixed with UK bass flavours, MC Pean’s vocal has been pitched all the way down, and the brass from the original has been slowed. There’s a lot of power in the 808 kick, and snap in the snare, but as with most Hypho tunes, the real joy is in the smaller details- in this case the background percussion, atmospherics and reverbs.

2. Bass Adjustment – Unity In Diversity (Bad Habit Remix) [Forthcoming Cozy Lounge Records]

As soon as you see Bad Habit is on a track with vocals, you know it’s going to be top class. Starting with breezy, summery chords and the main vocal, the track quickly drops into a solid dose of 2 step. The drums shuffle along nicely, riding a huge wobbling bassline with vocal chops filling the empty spaces and a simple but slick sounding Marimba-sounding melody completes the ensemble.

3. Leda Stray – The Source [Forthcoming NM Recordings]

Leda Stray continues his UK Funky assault with an absolute monster of a track; ‘The Source’ is the weightiest tune we’ve heard for a while. Some genius sampling of Wiley, combined with some seriously huge basslines and chunky drums (including an incredibly satisfying ‘bitch slap’-esque clap) this will have you head nodding and bass facing at the same time.

4. Libra – Get Licked (Sirmo Remix) [WoNKed Bass]

Sirmo has given us everything we love in this remix. Big basslines, full sounding drums and clear, clever vocal cuts creating an equal amount of both heavy basses and actual musical content. We’re not entirely sure how Sirmo’s achieved making both the drums and bass SO large and then still manage to fit other elements around them, but he has , so hats off to him. A stomper of a track, with touches of class such as the silky vocals.

5. Barely Royal – Fire In The Dark (ft LØ) [Forthcoming Saucy Records]

Rounding off this week’s Top 5 is a change of vibe completely. A solo release from Barely Royal is a rare thing these days, but the sheer quality of ‘Fire In The Dark’ means the wait has been worth it. As we’ve said before, we can’t help but appreciate a well mixed Reese bass, and this track is anchored by one. LØ’s vocals sound so clear and concise and work well paired with the other vocal chops. The drums give the track a breaks-y vibe and sound crisp, sitting in the mix perfectly. This is a beautiful piece of music (there’s even a guitar solo!), and wouldn’t be out of place on radio. Knowing Saucy, there’s likely going to be some sick remixes too!

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Complex upload new mix from Conducta


Complex interview Conducta as he drops a new mix for the magazine.

If you were missing some UK Garage in your life, the new mix from Conducta for Complex should fill the void.

The 32 minute long instalment in Complex’s ‘Sessions’ series is a mixture of classics and modern garage tracks, including some fresh cuts from Conducta himself, with the track list being typical of the soulful-meets-gritty, bass intensive style that Conducta has become known for.

Starting off with an edit of ‘Felt This Way‘, layered with an AJ Tracey vocal, we’re also treated to plays of Conducta’s sunny remix of Cadenza’s ‘People‘, his long awaited collaboration with Deadbeat, a heavy refix of 138 Trek and finishing on his latest single, ‘Still You‘ featuring both Lifford and Coco.

Listen to the mix in full below, and make sure you check out the interview and full track list here.

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Tumble Audio round up their free downloads


Tumble Audio, home to some of the biggest bass tunes, have put all their free downloads in one place.

We’re almost at the end of January now which means for a lot of people, money is getting tight. Tumble Audio have realised this too and have taken the opportunity to put all their free music in one place.

The 32 track playlist can be found on their soundcloud and features music from Killjoy, Deadbeat, Arctic, Clean Shirt, Lucent, Hadean and loads more.

Whether or not you’re strapped for cash, the playlist is worth checking out as every single tune is worth having in your arsenal.

Check out the playlist here:

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