Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 10th – 16th Dec


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Cup & String – Still Deep In Love (2 Step Mix) [Slime Recordings]

Kicking this off week’s T5TotW is Cup & String’s latest free offering. Switching out the 4×4 drums of the original with some tasty 2 step shuffles but keeping the bassline near enough the same has proven to be a simple but effective way to give Still Deep In Love a sick new spin. For those unfamiliar with the original, expect in your face, stuttering basslines and a sultry vocal. The clicky-ness of the bass as it filters back in for the second drop is such a satisfying sound and we love how thick the snare is.

2. Roll Deep – When I’m ‘Ere (Endor Flip)

Endor definitely isn’t the first person to bootleg this tune, and he won’t be the last, but none of the bootlegs that we know of are on this sort of vibe. Aptly tagged on Soundcloud as ‘Lengman Riddim’, this is gully. If chopping in the riff from the original isn’t enough to get you a reaction from the crowd, the guttural bassline is instant pull up material. The 2 step drums are hard hitting, with a chunky kick and a big clap. The triplets on the hi hats are a nice, subtle touch to add momentum and variety. There’s not much more to it other than the vocal, which is obviously sick, but nothing else really needs to be added to this banger anyway.

3. Vacant x Aesthetic Kid – Knøw

If ever a grime instrumental could be called ‘gorgeous’ this is the one. Everything about ‘Knøw’ is top rate. Clear, vibrant arpeggios, with an ever changing source, tangle themselves around tough basslines, hi hat triplets and abrupt claps. The vocal brings emotion to the track and when paired with the earthy reese bass is reminiscent of Burial in his prime. There’s so much attention to detail on ‘Knøw’, and it’s produced to such a high standard, though we already knew Vacant was a badboy producer. Keep an eye on Aesthetic Kid though, big things to come we reckon.

4. Massappeals & Snowy – Do / Donts (Skepsis Edit)

Jeeeeesus. Firstly big up Massappeals & Snowy on the original because it’s mad. If there is one thing ‘Do / Donts’ was crying out for though, it was a version with some kind of drop after building all that tension, and Skepsis fully delivers. Using the original basses and Snowy’s slick delivery, a monster has been created by adding aggy 4×4 drums and some wicked fills. This has unlimited rewind potential, and seeing as it’s not getting a release, this track is worth going to catch a Skepsis set on it’s own.

5. A.Motion – Ascend [BRØKEN]

We’re very excited about the fact A.Motion is back making music, and if he carries on putting tunes out like ‘Ascend’ people will forget he ever had time away. With tension building from the very beginning using atmospheric pads, jungle breaks and cut up vocals, we got an early impression this was gonna be sick. As soon as the tune dropped, we realised that was an understatement. The main bass sound is absolutely monstrous but also very cleverly kept on a short leash;  anymore than the single note bursts it’s allowed to growl out would be overbearing. The breaks are crisp, and the grime-esque clap is a clever idea to keep momentum up. Welcome back A.Motion, more of this please!

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