Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 26th Nov – 2nd Dec


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. moadan – fedora

After teaming up with Wolves duo TC4 on ‘Corona’, Mind of a Dragon has now released a collaborative EP with the UK underground’s King of groove, Joedan. The title track from the fedora EP is a combination of lush, dreamy chords, vibrant stabs, Joedans signature bumpy drums and some very recognisabe MOAD bass sounds. The sample that the track owes it’s name to is actually funny, whilst the music itself is seriously big. You’ll find yourself moving to this one without even realising it.

2. KXVU – Jaqqum

We uploaded KXVU’s minimix of the Jaqqum EP to our YouTube channel this week, and there’s a reason why. Every single version of the tune is mad, but the original is our favourite. Delicate string motifs weave themselves around crunchy, dominating square wave basses, with a sprinkling of ‘eski’ sound effects, gunshots, rewinds and breaking glass. Danny Jaqq’s vocals provide the track with it’s title, and sparse drums complete the mix with snare and hi hat rolls aplenty.

3. Daze Prism – React [BRØKEN]

If you haven’t noticed by now, finding bass producers capable of conveying emotion in their work seems to be somewhat a specialty of BRØKEN. This latest piece from Daze Prism fits that mould perfectly. Starting off with 2 step beats,  and a gorgeous piano filtering in, tension slowly builds. A string line that wouldn’t be out of place on a grime instrumental creeps to the fore, before the tune drops. Single, sustained notes from the  huge distorted bass allow the drums to evolve from a simple kick-clap pattern to more elaborate, shuffling hats. There’s glimpses of that beautiful piano again, before another emotional breakdown, and then a much more energetic second drop. Wicked stuff from Daze Prism.

4. Spoils & Monkey Wrench – Enemies In The Dance [Hamdi Refix]

Slowly, more producers are learning the art of the tasteful refix/bootleg. Hamdi has taken a wicked house tune from a couple of years ago and turned it into a grime monster. Some choice sampling of the intro, the key bass noises and a sick drum roll, all chopped up and thrown in with breakneck drums (the snare is mad) and he’s come out with a track that would have the biggest grime nights in the country begging for the reload. The second drop is some of the angriest music we’ve heard this year.

5. ADuki – Blood Sugar (Remake)

This track isn’t gonna be to everyone’s taste, and there’s a couple of things that could do with tweaking mix wise but we just cannot deny it’s a banger. Starting by putting an amusing spin on Pendulum’s ‘Blood Sugar’ Microsoft Sam intro and a loosely similar riff, things suddenly stop being funny on the drop. The basslines are mental. Absolutely fucking mental. The drum work is solid too, with the shuffling 2 step keeping things moving nicely, however they could do with being higher in the mix. Drop this in the rave and no one will be analysing the levels though. Love the Microsoft Sam ‘Gunfingers’ sample too.

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