Selecta talks to Hypho about his debut vinyl release ‘Gong Tau’ [Interview]


With many labels now starting, or returning, to release on vinyl and the sales of physical records booming, an opportunity has arisen that many modern day producers could have only dreamed of a few years ago. Making music worthy of a release on wax is certainly a milestone in this day and age, and it’s something all round bass badboy Hypho is excited about. Selecta briefly caught up with him ahead of his debut vinyl release ‘Gong Tau’, a 3 track EP via London based collective and label eatmybeat.

Easy Hypho! Congratulations on your very first vinyl release. Did you make the EP before you knew it was a vinyl release or did you make these tracks specifically to be pressed?

I was originally going to release ‘5AM’ as a solo track, but after speaking to the EMB lads I decided to make a 3 track EP for vinyl. So the first 2 tracks, ‘Gong Tau’ and ‘Shen’ were produced specifically for the vinyl release!

How did the decision to release the EP on vinyl come about?

Basically I mentioned to EMB about the possibility of a vinyl release and about two weeks after, we came to the decision to give it a go and see what happens.

After releasing on so many of the scene’s top labels digitally, how does it feel to be releasing physical copies of your music? Does it feel different to those previous releases?

The feeling couldn’t compare to anything else. I’ve always been a big fan of vinyl and knowing that my tracks are going to be on actual vinyl is so hype for me! This release is different because I believe its my strongest work yet and after the support of my ‘War Time’ EP on 877 Records I think I have the links combined with the EMB lot to push a solid release.

A couple of track titles sound like they’ve been inspired by the Far East. What’s the story behind that?

The Far East sounding titles are to portray an organic feel to the tracks and EP as a whole. Those who listen to my music may know that I’m into very organic sounding productions and these productions usually entail some sort of eastern instrument or vibe.

What was the inspiration behind the release?

When producing the tracks I just had in mind some of the dubs I’d been listening to recently and an image of vinyl culture. The EP was inspired by labels such as Kaizen, Swamp 81, Hessle audio and other similar imprints.

Were there any obstacles whilst writing the EP? 

Not really, no. The EP flowed together nicely after some inspiration from a night out seeing Deep Medi in Manchester! I find the best way to create music is to see stuff live first as it gives you the buzz of what the music really means.

Whats next for Hypho after this release?

Good question. I’ve got another release for Punks Music coming up soon and I’m also working on a joint EP with (LA based producer) Squane, my brother from another mother. That’s due in 2017. You can catch me all over the UK playing sets. There’s a couple of big ones to look out for including Warehouse Project on the 15th of December.

Listen to the preview of Hypho – ‘Gong Tau EP’ below and pre-order the 12″ here.

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