Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 19th – 25th Nov


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Tuff Culture – Miami Vice (Moony 99 Remix) [Project Allout Records]

This is the sexiest slice of 2 step we’ve heard in ages. Moony has really gone to town on this remix for Tuff Culture. Using the catchy vocals from the original, they’ve been surrounded with gorgeous chords and shuffling drums. He’s replaced the in-your-face bassline from Tuff Culture’s mix with a more refined, slinky sub and some other very subtle bass sounds to keep things rolling. This is an example of how to remix a song perfectly, just a shame it’s not seeing a summer release!

2. Deekline – I Can’t Wait (Fish x Lucent Remix) [Forthcoming Hot Cakes Bass]

Hot Cakes have now got a sister label and if the current previews are anything to go off, Hot Cakes Bass is going to be just as successful. As you would expect with Fish and Lucent on remix duties, this is an aggressive, high energy, dance floor destroyer of a tune. The drums are large, and the bass is enough to make you screw your face up in disgust. Interestingly, the first and second drops differ a huge amount. The first consists of a crunchy bass riff and interjecting wobs whilst the latter is more focused on higher pitched, wonky sounding bass noises.

3. Tuff Culture – Never Be

Tuff Culture can now put on his CV that he’s the first artist to feature twice in the same Selecta T5TotW. ‘Never Be’ is a 4 to the floor garage track with melodies and chords typical of a Tuff Culture production. The drums shuffle along as a pitched up vocal and lush stabs weave around a mega chunky bassline. As the tune progress we’re treated to arpeggios and organs and a more rounded sounding bass. We reckon this tune is a dark horse and that there is definitely reload potential here.

4. DJ Q – Breathe (J.Kong Edit) [Articulate Sound]

Remixing someone like DJ Q isn’t the easiest thing to do and quite honestly, should usually be avoided. J. Kong however has managed to avoid making a dodgy edit and in fact has cooked up an almost sensual garage re work of ‘Breathe’. The original vocal is open to a lot of musical interpretation and J. Kong has chosen to link it up to smooth pads, soulful keys and a low-key, sub intensive bass line. The second drop does have more energy, taking the stance of 4×4 and a stab providing an extra layer. Solid work for sure.

5. Shaun Dean – Complete [Chip Butty Records]

Shaun Dean seems to be everywhere at the moment and if you were just judging his ability off the back of ‘Complete’ you’d see there’s good reason for it. With the intro featuring a tasty arpeggiator / vocal combo, the tune drops into a massive metallic bassline riding 4×4 drums. The staccato strings are a wicked touch, and give the track an almost old school feel. Every bassline DJ in the country needs this one.

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