Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 12th – 18th Nov


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Bushbaby – Hold On To Me

 Not only is this track an absolute stomper, it’s a classy one at that. The drum sounds are crisp and to the point; the kick has just the right amount of weight and the clap is in your face, but not to the point it’s overbearing. The bassline doesn’t pull any punches either, keeping it fairly simple but full of aggression. Catchy vocals provide another focal point and the echo applied during the breadkdowns is sick. To round things off is the very slick metallic stab, filling all the right gaps. A perfect example of a few select sounds working together perfectly. Big up Bushbaby.

2. Hypho x Vital Techniques – With You [Second To None]

It seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve heard all round bass badman Hypho on a 2 step vibe and it’s something we weclome back with open arms and gun fingers. Teaming up with Second To None label mates Vital Techniques was always going to result in something big. The chords are soft and silky and match the sexy vocals perfectly. In contrast are the tough drums and absolutely enormous sub, creating a track capable of blowing speakers whilst simultaneously keeping the singalong crowd happy.

3. Spooky – Bun Fire (Notion Remix) [Project Allout Records]

Knowing Notion is putting out regular tunes again is enough to make any bass junkie happy. What makes it even better is each one is somehow bigger and more impressive than the last. On remix duties for Spooky on this one,  Notion has flipped the sinister,  tough, industrial sounds of the original and turned ‘Bun Fire’ into a vibesy 4×4 garage banger. Literally every single element sounds as full and large as it can. The drums are mixed ridiculously well, and the intertwining basslines even more so. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the high pitched bass noises, and the chords during the intro and breakdowns are thick and lush. Fully sick.

4. Joedan – Mashup

Joedan is one of the underground scene’s most underated producers. With an impeccable ear for groove and a serious set of production skills, everything he touches is absolute fire. After smashing garage, and then house and techno for a bit, ‘Mashup’ is Joedan touching on grime. Huge throbbing subs with a slight metallic overtone carry the track alongside the shuffling drums, which somehow manage to squeeze in one of the vastest sounding snares we’ve heard. We can’t wait to hear people vocalling this.

5. TC4 x MOAD – Corona

Ever wondered what happens when 2 of the most creative forces in bass music collaborate? ‘Corona’ is your answer. An energetic fusion of so many genres it almost seems impossible. Imagine Major Lazer made a Latin music inspired track, with a sprinkling of Trap and a UK Funky backdrop after spending months listening to the UK Bass scene and you’d be pretty close to what ‘Corona’ sounds like. We’re not sure how it works, but it does and it is FRESH. Hats off to TC4 and Mind of a Dragon.

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