Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 29th Oct – 4th Nov


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Darkzy – Glock Riddim (VIP)

Even though there’s only a 2 minute 37 second clip on Soundcloud we couldn’t not include this monster of a tune in this weeks T5TotW. If the original mix of Glock Riddim wasn’t enough to get you gassed then this VIP must be. The intro has been made even more sinister with a couple of new synths, and the bassline teases enough pre-drop to let you know this is certified wheel up material (we wheeled it at least 6 times on first listen). The bass sounds are large and filthy, briefly interjected with one of the best samples from ‘Hood Documentary’ we’ve heard. The drums are beefy, the clap almost more a slap. When released, this will be doing damage up and down the country, no doubt. “’Old tight man like Darkzy yeah?”

2. Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B – Vintage

Another 2 minute 37 clip (is that optimum amount of preview time?), but this time on a very different vibe. Smokey ‘Bubblin’ B’s ‘Vintage’ is a tip of the hat to old school garage. A shuffling 4×4 beat, 2 lush stabs, a fat sub and a couple of vocal samples, all glued together with a sustained string note doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s definitely enough to get us vibsing, especially with such a high production standard. Smokey has also gone out of his way to do a limited press of 100 copies of ‘Vintage’, and obviously after endorsing the track we’re telling you to make sure you grab a copy before they’re all gone!

3. TMSV – Expensive Suit (Murder He Wrote Remix) [Tumble Audio]

Murder He Wrote is smashing it right now. This brooding remix of TMSV’s forthcoming track on Tumble Audio is somehow both tough sounding yet so so crisp. The bass is so vast we’re left wondering how there was space for anything else in the mix, yet somehow MHW has managed to fit it around some of most sublime drum programming we’ve heard for a minute. Add some dub lasers and vocals from the original, as well as his own, along with the pitched panpipe-esque riff (we couldn’t work out what it actually is), and the tune is complete. And what a work of art it is.

4. Skelecta – Stranger [3000 Bass]

This latest cut from Skelecta is a problem. Listening to the intro for the first time, you have no idea the level of dirt ‘Stranger’ brings. A bright thick stab eases you in with high pitched, bubble gum vocals. Then it drops, and you realise it was a false sense of security. Every bass sound is ruffer and filthier than the one before, sounding like a grimey low pitched assault on your speakers. We love how the pitched vocals are brought in later to add some contrast and also add a slightly more garage vibe to things. Can’t believe it’s a free download either!

5. Pavv – Stomp [Southpoint]

To hear Pavv back to his best is exciting to say the least. The second tune to feature in T5TotW from Southpoint’s ‘KXVU Presents’ release (also featuring last week), this compilation is gonna do bits. The intro to ‘Stomp’ consists of some gorgeous sounding keys, which soon filter out with the drums as the bass barges it’s way in. A helter-skelter riff becomes the mainstay of the track, with the bass sound changing every 8 bars. There’s a brief lull whilst the tune breaks down and builds up, then the bass comes back in sounding harder than ever. The occasional drum rolls and fillers are nice touch too, coupled with a vocal cut to stop things getting repetitive.

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