Top 5 Tracks of the Week: 22nd – 28th Oct


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Sherry S – Ololo [Forthcoming RKS Dubz]

Big up Sherry S cause this is the freshest tune we’ve heard in a minute. Taking a step away from aggy basslines, Sherry has conjured up something special here. The intro consists of some intense riser action, and a brilliant sample that we’re certain is from Mario. The main tune consists of some wicked tribal drums, 2 different vocals echoing around the beat and and a really tasty, reverb smothered, metallic stab. There’s a lot of panning and that really allows space for the thumping bass. Keep an ear out for some cool percussion sounds too, including some scratching in the second buildup. This is an absolute heater.

2. TZ – Dappa Riddim (VIP) [Saucy Records]

TZ has come in hot with this VIP. Straight off the bat the pads and vocal cuts set the vibe, and that kick is huge. The bass slots in perfectly along side it and they bounce off each other nicely. Drum wise, the energy is high. The main hi hat has a really good splashy quality to it and provides the majority of the upper frequencies with the other hats and ghost snares squeezing themselves in the remaining gaps. There’s no one element working harder than any other on this track and that makes it clever; every sound has it’s place and they all come together to make a banger.

3. Dread MC & Young H – Strip Again [877 Records]

We can’t help but feel like the very start to this could have been produced by someone like Joy O, right until the old school rave synth and breakbeat drums. The way this tune drops you know it’s gonna get pulled up a lot. Huge 808-like kicks lay the foundations as the rest of the drums slot in. The pitched noise (is it percussion or a synth?) is very crisp and provides good contrast up against Dread MC’s vocals. Our favourite part is the old school stabs though, they’re sick.

4. Conducta – Still You (ft Lifford)

Conducta, Conducta, Conducta. The main man in UK Garage right now has come through with an absolute gem. Having already proving his banger-making credentials, he’s dipped a toe into the realms of the Artful Dodger with this sing-along smash. He’s not shied away from the wicked basslines though, as it adds bite to garage legend Lifford’s smooth-as-you-get vocal. Predictably, everything else is on point. Lush chords and big, shuffling drums and a catchy little riff in the background. ‘Still You’ has potential to do a LOT for the scene, and we can also imagine up some huge VIP/Remix business for this one.

5. Tengu & Mofaux – Can’t Dance [Southpoint]

If this track is anything to go by, Southpoint have another killer release on their hands; this time a compilation curated by KXVU. Tengu and Mofaux have built a monster here. Crunchy basses peppered with some wobbles for good measure do the damage, with an inspired sample providing the track title. The breakbeat-esque drums on the breakdown are sick touch too and the second drop goes in harder than the first, not taking any prisoners. More of this please.

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