Top 5 Tracks of the Week 15-21st Oct


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Deadly Habitz – Who’s The Badman [Articulate Sound x Pack London]

This week Articulate Sound and Pack London dropped one of the biggest bass music compilations (in size and quality) we’ve seen since Project Allout’s ‘Lengerz’ releases. This is our favourite pick from all 27 tracks. Channeling a speed garage vibe, the clunky, shuffling drums will have your head nodding straight away. The bassline consists of a raspy Reese which draws just enough attention to itself, allowing all the other elements to shine. An old school sounding organ interjects every now and then, along with laser sound effects. Those smooth female vocal chops are a treat too.

2. Cellardore – Get Right Inside

We’ve never seen anyone give away as much music, consistently, as Cellardore seems to. He’s back once again with another garage banger. One thing we love about Cellardore productions is the amount of space everything is given to breath. The drums shuffle along in almost a stop-start fashion, and the bassline fits the left over gaps like a glove. There’s a wicked organ stab that’s so subtle it’s almost acting as a piece of percussion rather than musical content, and the splashy sounding ride cymbal helps push things along nicely without being overbearing. To top it all off, how good is the MC sample?

3. Tru Fonix – Violet [Pack London]

It’s been a solid week for Pack London and this is their second tune on this list. This one is provided by Tru Fonix, and it’s sheer class. We were completely sold as soon as we heard the vocal on the intro. It really is beautiful, soothing almost, and nearly makes you forget you’re listening to something with a bite to it; definitely the most interesting vocal we’ve heard in a while. The lead organ is so crisp it’s ridiculous, with the riff itself being quite tense sounding. The bass fillers are brilliantly produced, the raspier one reminding us of Brighton bass don PVC’s work, and the drums are as solid as you’d want them to be, especially the varying rolls at the end of each 8 bar segment. ‘Violet’ is as slick as it gets, good job Tru Fonix.

4. Mind of a Dragon – Ego

You can tell a Mind of a Dragon tune straight away. Full, chunky sounding beats with seemingly random, yet perfectly fitting sound effects mixed in for percussion and bass sounds that seem to just have something ‘extra’ about them, but in such a subtle way. Ego, then, is very typically Mind of a Dragon and yet it isn’t really like his usual garage affairs. Over a 4-to-the-floor beat, a ridiculously catchy bass riff evolves over the course of the track. A couple of times along that journey, a lush, dreamy sounding pad brightly emerges then slowly filters away, as the professor-sounding voice guides you along. You would’t think ‘Ego’ was nearly 8 minutes long, but MOAD has expertly used his sound palette to keep things interesting for the duration. The bubble sound is genius too.

5. Barely Royal & Bunnie – Blessing [Punks Music]

Barely Royal & Bunnie are very quickly winning over the bass scene with their excellently produced, emotion-laden, monsters and it’s easy to see why their recent work is being heavily supported by My Nu Leng. ‘Blessing’ opens with a some gorgeous synth work, setting the emotional tone. It fits the vocal perfectly, which itself has some genius panning on it. Then all of sudden the bassline rips through. There’s so many bass sounds going on, but every single one sounds like it needs to be where it is. The breakdown is almost a sort of melancholic euphoria, and our favourite part of the tune, until dropping back into the crazily big bassline. The production standards are through the roof in all honesty and we don’t think it will be long until these guys blow up big time.

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