Top 5 Tracks of the Week 8 – 14th Oct


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. SMOAD – Only One [Forthcoming NM Recordings]

The mighty Mind of a Dragon has teamed up with Smokey Bubblin B for a full EP on NM Recordings and though the whole release is sounding large, ‘Only One’ is the stand out tune for us. An airy, sexy vocal is the main focus, as it slinks around a fat bassline and swinging drums. The chord stab is full and lush sounding and the euphoric piano in the breakdown adds even more depth. This is a certified bubbler.

2. Hovey – Desire [Forthcoming 3000 Bass]

There’s nothing quite like diva-ish vocals over garage, and ‘Desire’ by Hovey helps prove it. With some seriously good vocal chopping (we love the pitched up, echo laden wail), soft plucked strings and one bass sound in particular reminding us of Rip Groove, it’s clear Hovey knows how to take the sounds of the old school and turn them into something fresh. The breakdown is a definite hands in the air moment, and the variation on the second drop is solid. ‘Desire’ is gonna be in our sets for ages.

3. Wittyboy – Push It [For The Love of Garage]

Honestly we could have done a Top 5 Vocal Garage Bangers this week. With Wittyboy on the buttons for this one, ‘Push It’ sounds like the perfect tune for your favourite MC if it didn’t already have seriously slick vocals. Though it’s 2 step garage there’s definitely a grimey vibe to it. The bassline is greazy, and the stop-starting of the drums is genius. Wicked tune, almost too good to be free.

4.  GHSTGHSTGHST – Joyryder [Pack London]

We’re not quite sure how GHSTGHSTGHST is able to churn out so many bangers, but we’re definitely not complaining. The Nissi Beach EP (sick artwork by the way) is a throwback to old school garage, inspired by DJ EZ & MC PSG Live at Exposure and old Youtube videos of raves in Napa. On our pick, Joyryder, the chunky drums shuffle at speed, with the catchy main riff helping push them along. The reese during the breakdowns is proper sinister and the MC’s interjections at the end of each 8 bars adds variation, with an eery, almost dubby, echo. This one is gonna get rinsed by old heads and new.

5. 9Trane – I9LOO

Already getting support on this one from Trickstar and Radar Radio, 9Trane proves that less really can be more. A lot of people try to take on bootlegging Wiley’s classic instrumentals, and usually they’re not much cop. This, however, is gonna end up shutting down raves nationwide, all because of the biggest 1 note bassline we’ve ever heard in our lives. 9Trane has also freshened up the drums, including adding a particularly pleasing cowbell. Instant rewind, every time, guaranteed.

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