Top 5 Tracks of the Week 1st -7th Oct


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Tuff Culture – Different Story

We can’t help but feel Tuff Culture is gonna feature a lot on TFTotW. ‘Different Story’ is a different vibe entirely from the usually contrasting music by the Birmingham man. On a 2 step tip, a thick sounding chord x bass combo provide the foundation for Tuff Culture to have fun with the rest of the tune. There’s a piano that that flows, waterfall like, from ear to ear. The vocal is only one line, but is full of emotion. A trumpet occasionally comes to the fore, bringing with it a splash of jazz and the drums sound like they’ve been ripped straight from your favourite garage 12”.  Simply beautiful stuff from Tuff Culture.

2. Murder He Wrote – Halloween Riddim [Forthcoming RKS]

Murder He Wrote is killing it right now and this tune is further evidence people need to stand up and take notice. No word of a lie, we wheeled it the first 3 times it dropped. An absolutely silly bassline, and there’s almost a military feel about the drum work. There’s plenty of atmospherics to get you feeling anxious and presumably the track name comes from the old school movie sample, but this one will definitely be around for longer than just Halloween.

3. Tigs – Night Owl (On1 Remix) [Forthcoming Raw Tactics Records]

The first thing that stood out on this track was how slick the drums sounded. Really crisp with, a lovely reverb on the snare every 4 bars. The muted brass in the buildup works perfectly to create tension all the way up to the drop, and if you “listen keenly’ as instructed you’ll just about hear some rain in the background. The bassline is a womp-y affair, filling all the gaps left by the shuffling drums with a brilliant variation on the second drop. In all honesty, we’re not sure this could have been produced any better.

4. Daze Prism – Casma [Forthcoming Low Pitched Records]

We’re suckers for pitched vocals so Casma instantly caught our attention. A jungle inspired intro, with rolling drums and the bassline teasing in the background, you’d be forgiven for being surprised with the switch up 8 bars after the drop. It completely transforms the tune from bass heavy roller into all out stomper. As with most of Low Pitched’s catalogue, this is gonna end up being a staple in a lot of peoples sets.

5. Wölfe – Far 2 Long [Forthcoming Project Allout Records]

A coming together of Wölfe and Project Allout Records was always gonna be a mad release. There’s a slew of solid remixes but, for us, the original is the best of the bunch. The rolling organ riff would be wicked on its own but combining that with skippy 2 step drums and a the sassiest vocal we’ve heard for a minute, Wölfe are already on to a winner before the track has even dropped. The first drop is nasty enough, a series of throbs and wubs adding to the attitude of the vocal, but the second drop is where the best action is. The variation is genius, adding another burst of energy to the track.

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