Top 5 Tracks of the Week 24th – 30th Sept


Exactly what it says on the tin; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.

1. Drax – Frostie [Southpoint]

Frostie is an apt title for this track because that synth is about as cold as it gets. Punchy kicks, reverb laden claps, trap-esque hi hats and the occasional gun cock sound effect provide a solid foundation and there’s a steady but effective bassline. The lead line provides the primary interest though, and does so brilliantly. Proper vibes.

2. Fiyahman – Wubbz Dem [Gassed Bristol]

Another track where the title fits perfecly as there’s plenty of Wubbz provided by Fiyahman here. The piano brings a sort of horror movie vibe, and the dub influences are a nice touch to match up with the vocal sample. The drums are solid and we particularly like the reverb-laden bass fill. We can see this getting wheeled a LOT.

3. Fish & Sherry S – Square Waved [Tumble Audio]

After recent release ‘Such a Square‘, Fish continues his square wave assault on raves up and down the country, this time joined by frequent collaborator Sherry S. This tune is about as large as it gets. The bassline is the chunkiest we have heard in a very long time, and the diva vocal adds some welcome melodic content. The drum rolls and fills are reminiscent of Redlight’s Source 16, and that’s no bad thing. ‘Square Waved’ will be shuting down raves everywhere.

4.  TC4 – Bambo

Is there a tune TC4 can’t turn into an absolute banger? This is a  refix of Gipsy King’s ‘Bamboleo’, and it’s mad.  Glitched out guitar loops, an epic sounding horn, the snappiest clap you will have heard for an age and a serious sub work out make up this monster. Also the ‘bumboclaat’ sample is absolutely inspired.

5. Cadenza ft Jorja Smith & Dre Island – People (Conducta Remix) [Columbia]

Conducta continues his remix hot streak with this classy version of Cadenza’s track. In typical Conducta fashion, this is a coming together of old and new school garage. There’s soulful piano work, clevel vocal cutting (the original vocal is sublime by the way), the sickest organ sound and drums that couldn’t be any crisper if MJ Cole himself had mixed them. The only fault we have is that it wasn’t released in time for Summer.

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