Top 5 Tracks of the Week 17th – 23rd Sept


This is the first entry in our weekly series, Top 5 Tracks of the Week. It’s exactly what it is says it; we share with you (in no particular order) our 5 favourite musical findings over the past 7 days.



1. Cabasa – Collapse (Nuvaman Remix) [Artifice Music]

Nuvaman is easily one of, if not THE, most consistent producers in the breaks scene at the moment. This remix of Cabasa’s ‘Collapse’ shows that less really is more. The drum programming is crisp with plenty of reverbs, delays and reverse snare rolls to add interest. The near constant arpeggio adds not only melodic content but also emotion to the track, which when coupled with the haunting vocal snippet creates tension. The bassline is simple, and rightly so; anything complicated would clutter the rest of the tune. We can’t believe this is being given away for free.

2. PVC – Seen You Before [Audiophile XXL]

It’s been a fair while since we’ve heard Brighton based, bass music all rounder, PVC on a straight up garage tip (not since ‘Put Em High’) and frankly we think he should do it more often. ‘Seen You Before’ is quite obviously a PVC track though; catchy melodies and vocal cuts coupled with some of the most interesting, bass face inducing, bass sounds we’ve heard, without losing any of that 2 step swing.

3. Tuff Culture – Take Me [Punks Music]

If theres anyone out there that can make contradictory bass music better than Tuff Culture, we’d like to know where we can hear it. All beautiful chord progressions (that piano is a peach) and lead lines, with emotional vocals. Right up until the drop that is. Outright, screw your face up and skank out material for a minute and half or so, until we’re brought back to the melodies and a euphoric, hands in the air, build up. Then the second drop which seems to be even harder than the first. Proper emotional roller coaster stuff.

4. Smokey Bubblin B – Licence (MOAD Remix) [NM Recordings]

The only track on this week’s list that isn’t released yet, but it’s a must buy.The original is a dark garage affair with some serious talent on the remix package, but it’s this one that’s our favourite. Sticking with the moody theme, Mind of a Dragon creates tension on the intro with chord stabs, until dropping his brand of bass heavy garage. With what sounds like water drops in the drum pattern and the reverb tails on a selection of the bass sounds, we can’t help but be reminded of a dungeon. Brilliant production as per with MOAD, this seriously sinister piece of work, and the rest of the release, is out on 03/10/16.

5. Cup & String – You Had It (feat Sarah Pellicano) [Slime Recordings]

The last track on the list this week, and its another garage banger. Dreamy pads and an amazing vocal from Sarah Pellicano start this one off, and to be honest we’d have been happy enough if the track carried on in the same fashion. What makes it SO good though, is the drop. It’s futuristic, unique, and honestly just sick. We’ve not heard a garage track like this before. The fills are brilliant too, and vary the track up nicely. Another classy, yet hard hitting release from Cup & String and Slime Records who are both smashing it right now.

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