Re-re wind. Enter, Selecta


UK Garage and Bass music. That’s what Selecta is about. We’ve watched the rapid emergence of bass house. We’ve curiously spectated, as the many sounds of the UK underground scene blur borders and defy pigeon-holing, borrowing characteristics from each other. We’ve seen how dedicated people are to building a UK garage scene that doesn’t live off of music from 15 years ago (hats off most notably to New Movement). And now, after a good few years of immense saturation from new producers and DJs, desperate for a piece of the bass heavy action, we’ve realised it’s really hard to wade through all the not-so-good material.

So we’re here to make finding the good stuff easy, as well as provide a commentary on the scene.


We’re going to be doing a lot of reviewing and recommending. Honest reviews of releases from the big labels, the not so big labels, and free downloads along with nights that we go to across the country. We’ll also be interviewing the heads of said labels, major players, and promoters to get their viewpoint on whats going on with UK Garage and Bass music.

We’ve got some other pretty cool ideas too, but for now they’ll stay under wraps. We can’t give everything away in the first post…

What do you mean by ‘honest reviews’?

At Selecta, good music, good vibes and good ideas will be applauded. Lesser quality stuff, not so much. We’re not in the business of being harsh for the sake of it, we’re all a part of this scene for the love of the music, however if we think something is bad, we’ll say so, and we’ll say why, too.

Communication is key

The underground Garage and Bass music scene in the UK is going off right now. We want to make sure you know which releases you absolutely need, the events you cannot miss and the producers you should be looking out for and, if you absolutely must play a Rhythm and Gash remix at your next gig, which one it should be.

We’d love to hear other peoples opinions and we think that conversations about the scene contribute to keeping it healthy and interesting. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or email us at 

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